Bloomberg Passes NYCHA Property Proposal to de Blasio | The Lo-Down : News from the Lower East Side
Residents of public housing will be relieved to know there will be no last-minute agreement between the Bloomberg Administration and a private developer to build market-rate housing on NYCHA property. One of NYCHA's schematics for the Smith Houses. This year, the housing authority floated the idea of leasing parcels alongside eight developments (five of them on the Lower East Side). The plan was opposed by tenants, local elected officials and incoming Mayor Bill de Blasio. In a news release, the housing authority is now saying, "NYCHA and the City do not expect to move to a conditional designation on any of the sites prior the end of 2013." Over the summer, NYCHA asked for ideas from developers, part of a scheme to address a huge budget deficit. Yesterday's press statement offered few details about the plans received: Responses were received on November 18 and continue to be reviewed by a selection committee composed of NYCHA staff from different departments... NYCHA and the City