This Week at the East River Park Bandshell: A Hip Hop Version of King Kong | The Lo-Down : News from the Lower East Side
Beginning this evening, King Kong comes to Summerstage at the East River Park bandshell. A few days ago, we spoke with the creators of this irreverent version of the classic story. "King Kong" at SummerStage. Photo by Michael Seto/City Parks Foundation. The City Parks Foundation commissioned Randy Weiner, best known on the Lower East Side as a partner in "The Box" and theatrical director Alfred Preisser for a hip hop rendition of King Kong, set in the Bronx in 1978. Here's the premise: the Gold Brothers, desperate to save their failing R&B label, go in search of Kong, "the most talented (musical) artist alive" in a "mystic place" that has been "cut off from the rest of civilization by the East River to the south and the Cross Bronx Expressway to the north and enshrouded in the fog of a thousand apartment building fires set by absentee landlords." The Gold Brothers "hire a beautiful secretary, Faye Wellington, and go off to capture this force of nature in order to profit from