Incident Closes Hamilton Fish Pool (Updated 7/17, 11 a.m.) | The Lo-Down : News from the Lower East Side
An undisclosed incident drew police officers to Hamilton Fish Pool on Pitt Street this afternoon, closing the pool. Disappointed pool-goers were shut out at the gate along Pitt Street this afternoon. Several swimmers waiting on the street in hopes of the public pool reopening said a fight had broken out a couple of hours ago, causing park personnel and police to clear out everyone who was trying to stay cool there. Park staffers stood at the gate turning people away, saying they could not discuss the cause of the closure. The NYPD is mum on the details as well. We will update if we learn anything new. If you were there and want to share what you saw, drop us a line. A Lo-Down reader sent us the following excerpt from an email from camp leaders that went out to families of day campers who were at the pool this afternoon. In the interest of "no surprises," I wanted to make you aware of a situation that occurred at the pool today. While our division was at the pool after lunch an