State Rejects Full Bar at 106 Rivington St.; Calls Area “Over-Saturated” | The Lo-Down : News from the Lower East Side
Here's what 106 Rivington St. could look like when renovations are completed. We have more now on yesterday's decision by the State Liquor Authority to deny a full liquor license for Jose Orlando Rodriguez and Robert Payne, who are seeking to open an upscale Latin restaurant at 106 Rivington St. The ruling followed months of controversy surrounding the application, which devolved into an ugly battle encompassing race, gentrification and community board politics. Donald Bernstein, an attorney representing Rodriguez and Payne, covered many of the same points he made before an administrative law judge back in January. In short, he argued that the proposed restaurant enjoys "overwhelming support in the community," that the applicants had modified their plans to address concerns from neighbors and that the business would offer a "public benefit" because there aren't any latin restaurants of this type on the LES. State law requires an applicant to prove "public benefit" when the proposed