Landlord Orders Rox Gallery to Partially Cover Nude Photo | The Lo-Down : News from the Lower East Side
Rox Gallery, 86 Delancey St. File Photo. The cops might not have been able to do much about the naked images of model Natalie White in the window of the Rox Gallery at 86 Delancey St. - but the building owner is putting his foot down. According to the Post: On the owner’s orders, the operators of the ROX Gallery have put a caution sign over a lurid picture hanging in their Delancey Street window that shows model Natalie White masturbating. The sign is positioned to cover her vagina. “The landlord said to cover the vagina in some way,” said ROX Gallery director Emerald Fitzgerald, who slapped a sign on the glass window. “He said he wanted to protect the community.” The decision left White, 24, outraged. “I don’t believe in censorship, I don’t ever want to be censored,” After neighbors complained, police officers stopped by last week, but they did not shut the show down. The exhibit features dozens of nude photos of White shot by famous photographers. The opening reception drew a