Model/Muse Natalie White Bares All on Delancey Street | The Lo-Down : News from the Lower East Side
Photographer Max Snow and Natalie White on Delancey Street, in front of Rox Gallery. Rox, a new gallery on Delancey Street that arrived last month in the Sol Moscot building, is getting ready to open a new show featuring model/muse Natalie White. The show, Who Shot Natalie White features images of White by notorious photographers like Spencer Tunik, Olivier Zahm and many more. We stopped by while founder and artist Emerald Fitzgerald was hanging the show. Fitzgerald gave us a tour of the renovated space, which used to be a clothing and 99 cent store. She hopes to expand to the space next door, which has been the Moscot Eyewear flagship for almost a century (Moscot was bought out and is moving across the street). We were surprised to find the subject, herself, taking break with photographer Max Snow. Natalie briefly flashed her famous "assets" for some friends on the sidewalk. The guys doing construction next door didn't seem to notice. What would Sol have thought?