TLD Interview: Dixon Place’s LES Music Festival | The Lo-Down : News from the Lower East Side
Photo courtesy of Dixon Place. We recently spoke with Jonny Goodman, the Director and Curator of Dixon Place’s upcoming First Annual Lower East Side Music Festival, about his vision for the festival, music on the Lower East Side, and life as a musician. TLD – We are very excited that there is a new arts festival in the Lower East Side – especially a music festival. Who conceived of the idea? JG - Ellie Covan, the Founder of Dixon Place, wanted to put a foot forth in the music scene. Since its beginning in the late 80s, Dixon has been very supportive of the artist in dance and performance, encouraging new and experimental work and nurturing new talent. With its new space on Chrystie Street, they now also have the venue for music. Music is such an important fabric of the Lower East Side cultural community. So they wanted to support those musicians and become a home for that community. TLD - Where did you come in? JG – I signed on recently. I was hosting a show at Dixon Place in