Museum of Chinese in America partners with 35th Asian American International Film Festival | The Lo-Down : News from the Lower East Side
Neighboring Chinatown is not just for food and tourism. There is a thriving art scene there as well. HT Chen has been running his acclaimed modern dance company and school out of the Chen Dance Center in the heart of Chinatown on Mulberry Street for over 30 years. The Museum of Chinese in America, on Centre Street, has been the national home for the diverse Chinese American communities since 1988, and strives to be a model among interactive museums. Its innovative exhibitions, educational and cultural programs continually bring 160 years of Chinese American history to life. Lately, China has been on the mind of Hollywood bigwigs who have been plane-hopping over there to try to figure out ways to tap this potential audience---one of the world’s biggest. Of course, the Asian Pacific filmmakers are way ahead of them. They've been setting their stories in the “New China” for years. To showcase this breadth of talent, the Museum has partnered with the 35th Asian American International Film