Why Not Build a Bridge Over Delancey Street? | The Lo-Down : News from the Lower East Side
As we reported last week, Community Board 3 has approved the city's plan to improve safety on Delancey Street. By early summer, the DOT will have narrowed the width of the busy street in several locations, reopened Clinton Street as an access point to the Williamsburg Bridge, changed signal timings and altered certain traffic regulations. The plan has received generally good reviews in the community. But there's one question in particular we keep hearing. In our comments section and elsewhere, residents ask, "why can't the city build a pedestrian bridge over Delancey Street?" Last year, CB3 approved design guidelines for the Seward Park Development Project that stated, "a pedestrian overpass should be built over Delancey Street." In several public meetings, city officials have explained why they believe the idea is unworkable. First off, they have said, pedestrian bridge entrance/exit ramps take up a lot of room. At Clinton Street, for example, a new bridge would mean carving out