Royal Young: Ed Wood’s Sleaze Paperbacks | The Lo-Down : News from the Lower East Side
For decades, the Lower East Side bled into Soho bohemia. The two neighborhoods shared seedy streets, and tin-ceilinged lofts where artists were able to live cheaply, pouring their passion onto canvasses and paper. Though this deliciously dangerous atmosphere populated by prostitutes, junkies and creatives—sometimes playing interchangeable roles—is gone, Boo-Hooray gallery recently celebrated the seedy with an exhibition of Ed Wood’s sleaze paperbacks. Born in upstate New York, Wood became the king of camp on the West Coast. In Los Angeles, Wood was a screenwriter, actor, director, producer, writer, editor and heterosexual cross dresser, who furiously pounded out pulp novels and low budget movies starring Bela Lugosi. Though his legacy is often laughed at, Wood was a passionate Hollywood player, revealing deep human themes and exploring sexuality and gender through a pop culture medium. In a surprisingly secret space high above the tourist bustle of Canal Street, Boo-Hooray expertly