Braising Billy: Making the Most of Rich Goat Meat | The Lo-Down : News from the Lower East Side
I’m no stranger to goat meat; been eating and cooking the stuff for years. A Trini friend showed me how to marinate the meat in green spice and burn sugar on the bottom of the pot for curry goat. Later, I spent a year reverse-engineering the excellent (and sadly no longer on the menu) sofrito-based cabrito guisado served at El Castillo de Jagua. I’ve proudly served goat to family and friends, including a few rock stars. The goat meat available in supermarkets sometimes bears a suspicious resemblance to mutton (tough and fatty). It couldn’t be a bait and switch, could it? (Butcher friends hinted it might be in some cases). Those who want to be sure of getting goat instead of mutton labeled as goat are wise to buy from a butcher. Heritage Foods got three goats for its opening last week. At $10/pound, it was a little pricey, but I went for it anyway, swept up in the excitement of a new business at the Essex Street Market. The meat was satisfying—among the best I’ve had. When they