Follow-up: Friday Night Throwdown Inspires a Movie | The Lo-Down : News from the Lower East Side
Yesterday we linked to the New York Times' feature on "Friday Night Throwdown," the uber-hip underground boxing event frequently held in LES warehouse spaces. Later in the day, I spoke with filmmaker Michelle Groskopf, who's making a documentary about Throwdown's biggest star. Several years ago, Michelle recognized the up-and-comer, sometimes referred to as "Rockstar Charlie," was someone to watch. He's now an undefeated boxer, aiming for the super middleweight title of the Golden Gloves (and an aspiring model about to land a contract with a major agency). Charlie has been training seriously for a few years now and is being coached by Brooklyn trainer Leon Taylor, ("the greatest fighter never known"). Groskopf said she always felt Charlie was a fascinating kid with a keen sense of style. And she is intrigued by the twists and turns that lay ahead for Charlie (inside and outside the ring). He struggles with ADD, loves to party and now has a posse of adoring fans following his every