Waypoint | The Kitchen Scout
I want to tell you about our visit last weekend to Waypoint! I have been trying to get to Michael Scelfo's second Harvard Square establishment (Alden & Harlow being his first) since it opened and we finally had a chance to visit! I am a big fan of Scelfo and it would be my dream to cook alongside him as the imagination and creativity he brings to his dishes is, in my opinion, outstanding. On Instagram, he is constantly posting dishes from both of his restaurants and from his #dinnerathome series that he cooks up for family and friends. His photos make me want to jump in my car and drive to Cambridge on the spot... We have dined at Alden & Harlow a few times and really enjoyed it, so I have been looking for a chance to get to Waypoint, located just on the outskirts of Harvard Square on Mass. Avenue. The menu is largely seafood based but not to worry if you are not a seafood lover, there are plenty of other enticing dishes to try. Make a reservation online as the place is