Louisville, Kentucky | The Kitchen Scout
My husband and I recently spent a week in Kentucky and Tennessee as we continue the celebration of our 25th wedding anniversary. Our anniversary was in May so we are really milking it, but we love any excuse to pack our bags and hit the road. The trip was technically my gift to him although he likes to tease me that it had big parts of me written all over it. Truth. So why Kentucky and Tennessee? Well, the trip revolved around an opportunity to spend a few days here, a beautiful resort in East Tennessee for the only 2 nights they had available in October. Visiting this special place was a bucket list item for me admittedly, but I also knew my husband would love its location in the Smoky Mountains where the outdoors and all of its trappings were celebrated. From there, the trip was built around two other things that we enjoy together: bourbon and music. We started our trip in Louisville, Kentucky where we visited two distilleries, tasted bourbons, ate delicious food at a few highly