Ilili New York | The Kitchen Scout
Just a quick post this week to share a wonderful restaurant that we visited in New York a few weeks ago on our way to our younger daughter's college graduation. Owned by the Massoud brothers and located in the Flatiron District of New York, Ilili "crafts a melting pot of Lebanese, Levantine and Mediterranean inspired cuisine mixed with New York attitude." I learned about it from reading this article in The Boston Globe and knew it came well recommended. I tucked away the name, hoping for an opportunity to go. Over the past 26 years of marriage, my husband has thankfully grown to love these cuisines as much, if not more than me so he was equally happy when I told him where we were heading... Ilili is a large and colorful space. It is warm and inviting, whether you are a party of two or a sizable group which is perfect for the type of sharing plates the restaurant offers. The restaurant is open every day for lunch or brunch and dinner. The dinner menu is divided among cold mezza,