Country Mile | The Kitchen Scout
The exterior of Country Mile on Belmont Street in Watertown is nondescript. Like us, you may drive right by it unaware. Had I paid closer attention ahead of driving there, I might have realized it's nestled into a section of the street I have visited since I was a little girl. Eastern Lamejun, the Armenian market of choice for my family is a stone's throw away. Four of us ventured just far enough from home for a lovely mid-week dinner last Tuesday. I say far enough because if you're like me, a mid week jaunt into the big city or even to Cambridge can seem too much to ask when it's chilly outside. But it's nice to get "almost there" which is how I would describe Country Mile. A new restaurant, opened just before Thanksgiving last year, that is trying to find its way and holding its own I might add. Walking into this 38 seat restaurant, you are greeted by a generously sized bar where you are welcome to sit at one of its 13 stools and wait for a table. There are only 8 or 9 of