Celeste | The Kitchen Scout
A few weeks back, we traveled to Union Square, a section of Somerville to try out Celeste, a Peruvian restaurant that opened in March of 2018 and has since earned much acclaim both locally and nationally. It was chosen Restaurant of the Year by Eater Boston and was included as one of Esquire's Top 20 Best New Restaurants in America. Quite a freshman season! The story behind Celeste is inspirational. JuanMa Calderon, a chef and filmmaker and his partner, Maria Rondeau, an architect and producer, run a pop up restaurant named Kriollo Real from their Cambridge home for roughly five years. They host dinners for up to 24, the number of seats that now fill Celeste's tiny space. They decide to switch gears and formalize the pop into a restaurant to feature the foods of Calderon's native Peru. If you blink, you will miss Celeste (pronounced Celestay) as there is not much signage except for a name on the door of a brick building that looks as much doctor's office as Peruvian restaurant.