Amali New York City | The Kitchen Scout
In October, I traveled to Connecticut to share a few relaxing days with a group of women who I spend a lot of time with, especially during the summer months. I love these energetic, smart and interesting women and we have traveled together in various formations on several occasions. In addition to delicious meals, games and a long walk, we took the train into Manhattan to enjoy an afternoon at the Metropolitan Museum of Art where we were treated to a guided tour of the Delacroix exhibit. Arranged by my friend, Marte, who makes frequent appearances here on the blog :), the tour and exhibit were amazing. I was absolutely dazzled by our guide, a friend of Marte's who is on the faculty at Columbia and seamlessly walked and talked her way through the exhibit like a boss. It was incredibly inspiring to watch this woman confidently weave the story of Delacroix in such a way that you felt transported to France. We were incredibly lucky to have this opportunity for a private tour and I am