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How was your Thanksgiving? The holiday came and went so fast and bam, here we are in December. Let the festivities begin! Our seasonal decor is in the infancy stage so far. My husband has put up our outdoor lights and with some luck despite a busy weekend ahead, wreaths should be adorning our doors and greens should be creatively stuffed in our planters by the end of the weekend. Or at least the middle of next week if I'm being honest with myself. And then of course there's the tree. If you celebrate Christmas, when do you purchase your tree? Ours usually goes up after the first weekend of the month. But both of our daughters still want a say in the tree, and participate in the decoration which can make things tricky since they are away at school and on the other side of the country. So, I think our plan will be to purchase the tree ahead, put on the lights so we can enjoy them and wait to decorate until our college girl returns since our Cali girl won't be home until just a few