Veggie and Grain Bowl with Peanut Miso Dressing | The Kitchen Scout
Lunch options on ski trips "back in the old days" as my kids like to tease, were usually some sort of cellophane wrapped sandwich, a burger, a bowl of chili or a hot dog, washed down with a soda or a cup of hot chocolate. For a long time in my twenties, I dated someone who made sandwiches at home that we wrapped and put in our jackets to eat when hunger struck. They were smooshed but tasty! I think my fondest ski memory, as far as food is concerned anyway, are the rides home with my mother from one of the ski 93 mountains when we should share a chocolate bar. We both loved chocolate and since we did not have many sweets in our house growing up, my father's profession as a dentist forbidding it, this felt extra special for the two of us. This past Christmas, we traveled west to Park City and had a glorious 6 days of skiing which is saying a lot for this gal who is not a natural on the slopes. Let's just say you are definitely waiting for me at the bottom! Like so many other things