Valentine's Day Menu | The Kitchen Scout
I think the Double Stuffed Potato Bites from last week made an appearance at a few Super Bowl parties. A friend told me she has made Turkey Meatball Casserole a few times since I posted the recipe. And yesterday, I walked into one of my bestie's home and Slower Cooker Chicken Marbella was bubbling away in her crock pot. These moments make me incredibly happy and motivate me to keep trying to create content for this space. Thank you for commenting and sending texts and emails. I want to hear the good and the not so good, so please be in touch! Next week, I have a review of a newish Boston restaurant coming but since next Thursday is Valentine's Day, I thought I would dive into The Kitchen Scout archives and create a menu that maybe you can use if you are cooking for someone special. And if you're not, maybe you can use this menu at a dinner party sometime. I don't know about you, but I find menu creation to be challenging especially when you don't want to default to roasted