Old Dominion Rolls | The Kitchen Scout
When I was in elementary school, one of my good friends was named Angela. Her family lived pretty close to mine and we would sometimes have playdates after school. She had the steepest driveway of anyone I knew and to this day, I'm not sure how she made it out of her house during the blizzard of 1978. I remember that at least on one occasion, we went to her house after school on a half-day so lunch was involved. Her grandfather lived with her family, and I remember he was there and asked Angela if I was Italian (like them). I got asked that a fair amount actually, largely because who in those days would ever lead with "are you Armenian?". Not many people in my world knew about Armenians when I was young. Back to lunch, not sure who made them but I remember having the most delicious ham and cheese sandwich at Angela's house. How I remember that I cannot say. I also remember her birthday is April 10. Random I know since we weren't as close through middle and high school. The