Maple Roasted Carrot Salad | The Kitchen Scout
Let me ask a question. Do you have salad with your Thanksgiving meal? My mother used to prepare a garden salad for our dinner almost every night that I can remember. Nothing too fancy, romaine lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes always tossed with Ken's Italian dressing, the clanking of the spoons against the side of the salad bowl signifying that dinner was about to be served. Yet on Thanksgiving when it was her turn to cook, she never made a salad. Or did she? Recently, I was at a dinner party with a large group. The conversation migrated to the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday and the many side dishes that might be served including large platters of family disfunction and bowls of lethal discussions about politics! We also discussed salad, its appearance on the Thanksgiving table, and what exactly constitutes a salad. For me, a salad is primarily vegetable based, unless its one of the stellar fruit salads my friend Sally or my college friend, Sue happen to make, prompting me to question