Hearts of Palm "Ceviche" | The Kitchen Scout
Hi friends, How are you? Fed up with the rain that seems to be lingering on and on here in New England? It seems like the sun has been very stingy with its availability don't you think? I happen to love the occasional rainy day when outdoor activities are replaced by snuggling up with a good book in a comfy chair. But too many rainy days in a row are just dreary! So, we have to look for other ways to bring sunshine and color into our lives and that is where food can sometimes come into play. Today's recipe was inspired by a couple of different things. First, I happened to catch the first episode of Ina Garten's latest season of Cook Like a Pro entitled simply Seafood. Are you crazy like me and watch cooking shows while exercising? It's not the best combination for managing hunger, but because my brain is more relaxed when I am moving, it's when I do some of my clearest thinking and connecting of dots, often for the blog. Does that make sense? On the show, Ina made a bay