Farro and Broccolini Gratin | The Kitchen Scout
Well, this week started out with a bang. I went to load my wordpress to get started on a blog post for the first time in 3 weeks, only to find a blank screen. Same for my website. When I first started blogging five years ago, this type of situation terrified me. Website, oh website, where the (blank) have you gone???? It's not like you can find your website under a pile of clothes or at the back of a drawer. It is "somewhere" out there on the web, and the individual who holds the key to its location is not you! I can't tell you the number of times my fabulous web designer/trouble shooter, Lorell has pulled me off the ceiling when I thought all of my writing, recipes and photos had disappeared into thin air or were threatened by a malicious hacker (yes, that happened). So today when the site failed to load and after I sent her a mildly panicky text, I also called my web host to figure out if they knew what was going on. Despite attempting to resist sounding like a panicked