Chicken with Red and Yellow Peppers & Memorable Recipes | The Kitchen Scout
Some of the recipes I've collected over the course of my lifetime feel like old friends to me. I may not "see" them all the time, but they will be there for me should I need them and won't let me down. Time spent pouring through my less than organized recipe files, my original recipe box and endless cookbooks is like visiting with my oldest friends, reacquainting myself with them and figuring out ways to keep in closer touch. Checking in with them also transports me back to the place and time I originally acquired the recipe or book, some of which are personalized with a note from family or friends. "Adrienne's Thanksgiving Yams", were brought by my friend Julia to a pre-Thanksgiving feast I held for about 20 friends at my Beacon Hill apartment back in my working girl years. "India House Banana Bread" is in my church's community cookbook and was contributed by my great Aunt Elizabeth. It is my go-to recipe for banana bread and I think I finally have it memorized. "Blueberry Cake"