Cherry Tomato and Eggplant (or Butternut Squash) Curry | The Kitchen Scout
Almost three years ago, I posted a recipe for homemade Chana Masala from Meera Sodha's colorful book, Made In India. It's delicious and if you love chana masala as much as I do, please give it a try, perhaps as a complement to the curry I am posting today. In its original form, Cherry Tomato and Eggplant Curry is also from Sodha's book. I branched out when making it this week to serve to a friend by swapping out the eggplant with butternut squash and a handful of baby spinach. We both loved it although unfortunately, pictures were not snapped of this variation! This curry is quite simple to pull together and is dairy free, making it very light. Nonetheless, the flavors are very bright thanks to a combination of coriander, cumin and turmeric. The recipe makes four servings and leftovers reheat well. If anything, the curry is even better after sitting for a day in the fridge. For this dish, it's best to use a wide bottom saute pan as the instructions suggest so there is a lot of