Brussels Sprouts Cacio e Pepe Pizzettes | The Kitchen Scout
Back in February, Ina Garten posted a picture to her Instagram of a cacio e pepe brussels sprouts pizza that she enjoyed at Danny Meyer's latest New York restaurant, Martina Pizzeria. The internet went nuts. Just google cacio e pepe brussels sprouts pizza and you will see that every news outlet ran a story exclaiming that this pizza was Ina's favorite! It's not surprising since Ina is fairly guarded with her personal recommendations. But when Ina talks, it seems as though many of us listen. At least I do as she is considered the arbitor of all things "fabulous" as she likes to say. I started following Martina Pizzeria so I would remember to visit them on my next visit to New York. Unfortunately that didn't happen when we were in the city recently. Images of that cacio e pepe brussels sprouts pizza appeared once again recently, this time on Martina's Instagram account, taunting me with its beauty. I became a little obsessed with how I was going to enjoy those flavors at home. So