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To celebrate the beginning of Spring, I went to camp last week! Well, not really camp, but Cousin Camp. This is what my first cousins, Jean and Joyce and I have decided to call the few days we set aside each year to spend together. You might remember meeting these women a couple of times on the blog here and here. The tradition of "camp" started a few summers ago. J&J invited me to join them for their annual sister getaway weekend at Jean's summer house in Virginia. I had just been through a very rough patch and although I am technically the oldest of the three of us, I was the baby of the group that weekend. The girls took such good care of me and I was in tears when we parted, returning home to face reality. As first cousins, Jean, Joyce and I have spent countless holidays and birthdays together. We also attended "real" summer camp together in our youth. Spending the summer at Waukeela Camp for Girls, located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire was a family tradition