Blackberry and Brie Pizzette | The Kitchen Scout
This week, I've been fiddling around with ideas for appetizers for our Easter gathering with family and friends. When I am a guest, I often offer to bring one of the meal's bookends, either appetizers or a dessert. Neither feels like work for me as I enjoy the detail involved with making a memorable one or two biters, or the calm I feel when baking, even the simplest of sweets. But preparing an entire meal, especially for a holiday? That is a lot of work and hats off to anyone who is cooking up a storm this weekend! So, what to make? Well, I am still not completed settled on what I will bring, but they have to be fairly easy to execute since we are heading to Rhode Island for the day. First, I thought I would transform the crostini idea I shared with you last year in this post into a tart that could be cut up into individual pieces. Making individual crostini is fine, but can be time consuming and needs to be done just in time so they don't get too soggy and in this case, so the