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This week's blog post was inspired by my need to return a library book. I had borrowed the book from my town's library and then proceeded to lose it or so I thought. Sheepishly, I approached the circulation desk to confess my sin. I was told all would be forgiven and the library's treasures would again be available to me if I simply paid a fee online. Of course, about 22 seconds after I hit the pay button, I found the book. Argghhh. Let's just forget about where I found it, shall we? Turns out, when you find a library book that you lost and paid for, yet feel the need to return when it has been found (to restore your reputation of course), you must personally escort the book to it's original owner. No free inter-library transportation allowed for these lost souls. In the case of my book, it was owned by a library in a town about 30 minutes away from home. Not a big deal, but I did think I should somehow make use of the trip. Maybe there was a place nearby to scout for the blog?