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Finn, the Stormtrooper: Your Latest Victim of #IDTheftHave you seen the Star Wars film? Good. Then you'd know how much it stinks to have the stigma of a stormtrooper and not want it. That's what identity theft does. It makes you out to be what you really don't want to be, just like one Simon Bunce in England who found out that he was going to get arrested for child pornography.Something didn't add up at all. Bunce never took child porn pictures. And, yet, there was actual 'proof' about it. The evidence was enough for him to lose his job and face a family about to disown him. Life was about to crumble -- until Bunce did some investigating of his own to find out that his credit card info was stolen and then utilized by someone from Indonesia to purchase porn from an American website. And all of this happened right from under his nose.The proof he had discovered was so irrefutable that he even then discovered that he had an alibi all along during the time the porn was purchased: the man was actually in a restaurant in London!Sadly, Bunce had to go through tons of scrutiny before finally reconciling with authorities and with his family. The poor man now swears not to ever use those evil credit cards.8 Identity Theft Stories That'll "Awaken the Force" in YouBy now you'll agree that the saga that is Star Wars is itself a number of identity theft stories rolled into one. That should tell you something!