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Get the #Crowdfunding Backing You Need With #Peerbackers #Business #startups see stars today with finances. Why? All because of platforms like Peerbackers with the primary focus being the entrepreneurial landscape and innovation for business. But it's not just funding they provide: Peerbackers even provides consultation services, marketing and media production to help promote your business to investors looking to fork over their money for a successful venture. Think about it -- a lot of gurus out there are looking for businesses that will skyrocket -- a 'small' investment would be enough to make a ton of money for them, and a living for you! 5 Kickstarter Alternatives for Business Startup Crowdfunding Don't get us wrong; we love Kickstarter for crowdfunding. But when it comes to business startup crowdfunding, we need something more corporate focused. Read More → The post Get the #Crowdfunding Backing You Need With #Peerbackers #Business #startups see stars today … appeared first on Cloud Based Bookkeeping.