Bible Worship and Hierarchies (#581) | The God Journey
Wayne sifts through the mailbag to explore some responses to recent podcasts. One invites a discussion about the misuse of Scripture as a substitute for a real relationship with God instead of a valuable tool to help us explore that relationship. When we try to use a gift other than for the purpose it was intended it can become destructive through no fault of its own. Brad and Wayne also sort through an article by Brad Jersak as he ruminates about institutions and hierarchies offering an idealistic hope for their value even though they often fall short of that ideal. Can hierarchies be valuable among broken humanity? And for those who forsake them, how do they avoid simply becoming independent anarchists that deny the community that faith engenders? Podcast Notes: Jodie Foster's travel scene in Contact Here's more about Brad Jersak'and his article blog About Hard Questions I Ask Myself about Hierarchy and Institutions You can find our latest update on our work in Kenya here. Add your