"I Can't Give You Character" (#573) | The God Journey
A son comes home after sliding into the less-than-stellar influence of his friends and as his dad was trying to help him understand what maturity would invite him to embrace wound up saying, "Son, I can give you mercy, but I can't give you character. What a statement and Brad and Wayne parse that out as an expression God might feel as well. When we who claim to believe in a loving Father use his mercy and graciousness as an excuse for our dishonesty, lack of integrity, or selfishness we discredit the very love we tout. If Father's love doesn't eventually lead us out of selfishness to embrace a different way of living, the world and other Christians are right to ignore our message. Personal expedience must give way to a growing depth of character if we're going to touch the world and the principalities and powers with the reality of the God we claim to follow. Podcast Notes: Whose Afraid of the Big, Bad Shack, by Wayne You can find our latest update on our work in Kenya here. Add your