From Fear to Trust (#572) | The God Journey
"The crisis in the world is the lack of good leadership." That's an astute observation our guide in Israel made as we were discussing tensions in the Middle East and in U.S. politics. It is easier for bad leaders to manipulate with fear and to polarize people to get our own way. Good leadership invites people to a greater common good by helping people work together. How long as it been since we've had that kind of leadership? Only as we have a growing confidence in God's love for us and his unfolding purpose behind human history can we separate ourselves from the the fears that drive our culture and actually become a source of blessing to people around us. But that is not easy for some to find when the values of this age and economic rewards run directly counter to the life and freedom Jesus invites us into. Podcast Notes: Whose Afraid of the Big, Bad Shack, by Wayne Tracy Levinson Podcasts: Unashamed and Mutually Shared Selflessness You can find our latest update on our work in Kenya