Awakening To A Better Journey (#437) | The God Journey
Following up last week's podcast, Wayne continues the theme of seeing our spiritual progress as a journey rather than an achievement. That allows us to be real about where we are in him and confront the circumstances before us with honesty and openness. Wherever we give up hope that Jesus wants to transform us out of a growing relationship with him and substitute instead a list of rules or objectives, we've traded the life of Jesus for an empty religion. As he awakens us out of that bondage an amazing journey unfolds of increasing freedom and love. All we have to do is live in the reality of what he's already done in us and make space for whatever he wants to give us that day. So instead of looking for formulas, we're just learning to follow him. Podcast Links: If you'd like to help us in Kenya. The need has grown by another $12,000. The Nut Test Wayne's Virginia Trip Add your voice to our question/comment line: (805) 539-6980 or Skype us at "TheGodJourney".