9 years of Kidrauhl, the journey of Justin Beiber | The Courier Daily
9 Years of Kidrauhl, the Journey of a Kid: We have seen Justin's stardom but it is interesting to know that before being one of the most famous stars of the world, he was a kid prodigy. Beiber debuted on YouTube with a name of Kidrauhl in 2007. Justin's first account on youtube and now Watch: WWE India 2016 Results & Video Highlights. A small town boy in Stratford, Ontario with a heart throbbing journey from a kid to celebrity with superstardom. 8 years ago for the very first time he and his mother Pattie Mallette uploaded his first video to his just created account Kidrauhl in 2007 so that their relatives could see his performance. At that time, he was only 12-year-old singing in a talent competition. From child to star There was always a question of how good he was. People always criticized and always questioned his performances. The difficult question is that when did this infant turn into a musical sensation. He let the world know him by a name Kidrauhl. And today this Kid