My Vegan Journey (One Year Later!) - The Brookeeper
What sparked the change? My plant-based eating journey began when I was a sophomore in high school, when my cousin and I decided to join the Animal Rights Club on campus. I have always been an animal lover (thank you Mom for this trait) and have always had a strong sense of compassion for the earth and all of it’s living creatures. After the first club meeting, where I was given a couple of brochures revealing the truth behind the food sources of the popular KFC (Kentucky Fried Kitchen) fast-food restaurant chain, I quickly adopted a vegetarian diet. The information that was presented to me was a complete shock. I had never known the cruelty that went on behind the closed doors of these corporations. It was truly eye opening, and I am thankful to have had exposure to these types of behaviors so early on in my life. I didn’t take much for me to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle, as my underlying compassion for animals and desire to save the planet was already instilled in me. A couple of years into high school, I began watching films highlighting the various food industries and learned quite a bit more about how food in America is created, marketed and sold. I won’t go into detail here (that’s a whole different ball game) but I do have a separate post that highlights some great films for those who are interested in learning more. There is a wealth of legitimate and scientifically proven information available regarding this subject. While there is controversy regarding the specific details of a vegetarian/ vegan lifestyle, there is also a load of facts that support and encourage it. Despite your reasons for eating meat or not eating meat, what you consume and how you choose to live your life is only up to you and nobody else. Movies like Food, Inc. and Forks Over Knives helped me to further understand where the food we eat comes from. After forgoing eating meat for a couple years, I bounced back and forth to consuming chicken and fish in fear that I wasn’t getting enough protein. While I have not had red meat in quite some time, I incorporated chicken and fish from time to time for a couple of years after my initial switchover to vegetarianism. My Shift to a Plant-Based Diet Hence, I first chose to become vegetarian because I began to really think