Juices vs. Smoothies + Which is Better for You - The Brookeeper
I’ve been hearing this question come up more often lately, and that’s whether juice cleanses are actually that good for you. I’m not a Registered Dietician but have done some research on the subject and the answer to this is more than just a yes or a no. So, let me break it down for you and provide some insight on to whether or not you should forgo your post-spin class juice for something of more sustenance! What’s up with Juice? To the naked eye, juices seem like a great and healthy alternative for sodas and other sugary beverages. And yes, vegetable and fruit juice is not necessarily un-healthy. It is full of essential vitamins that are beneficial for many functions in your body. In addition, choosing to consume fruit and vegetable juice to give your digestive system a break is also not a bad idea once in a while. Due to the fact that all insoluble fiber is removed when juicing, the nutrients within the juice are more quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. However, there are cons to juicing that are important to consider. When you juice a vegetable or piece of fruit you are removing all of the pulp, which means are only consuming the sugars and the vitamins that the fruit contains. Juices may leave you hungry and not as satiated due to the lack of fiber, which is essential in keeping people fuller for longer. So, while juices may serves as an occasional vitamin boost, it is suggested to not drink them as meal replacements, as the sugar content is high and due to the lack of fiber, they will not keep you full. This in turn can lead to excess calorie consumption! The Sitch with Smoothies Smoothies are perfect meals for post-workouts – if done right. Where many people miss the mark are the over the top additions that counteract the benefits of smoothies. Examples? Adding heaps of peanut butter, scoops of chocolate flavored whey protein, or using sweetened milk as your base. This is where much added sugar and fat can sneak into your drink, and can lead to high-calorie meal without even realizing. To keep your smoothies on the healthy side, consider using ice as your thickener as opposed to a heavy milk or sweetened yogurt. Also, plant based protein powders such as brown rice or pea protein are lower in calorie than several other animal-based proteins