INDIA - GULMARG | The Adventure Project
The Indian Himalayas of Gulmarg, Kashmir This land is home to slopes unlike any other...and in the best of ways. It has the worlds 2nd highest gondola and accesses some of the most amazing free-ride terrain in the world. It truly is unique and one of our favorites. The mountain is massive, with a 5 km ridge-line that gives access to over 33 named bowls and ridges which can be easily reached from the gondola. There's even more great news - that's just the frontside of the mountain. We make sure that you get to explore the whole thing. What does a trip to Gulmarg look like? Something like this...... Read and see more about skiing and snowboarding with us in Gulmarg... Click on the icon to book your Gulmarg Powder Sessions adventure! Skiing and Snowboarding in Gulmarg The gondola rises from 2,700m at its base to over 3,980m (13,054ft) giving a vertical rise of nearly 1,300 vertical metres (4,265 vertical feet). The mountain can receive up to 15 metres of annual snowfall and you can