WOZO Fund Drive to Broadcast Online | That Midday Show
103.9 LPFM is a Low Power FM community radio station which has been on the air for about 2 month ago. We have zero commercials--have about 17 alternative news programs, 32 local DJ's and are bringing diversity and local programming desperately needed in our community. Since we are only 100 watts you can only reach us downtown. But we are getting allot of request to broadcast online. We have to pay off the music corporations like ASCAP, BMI and the most expensive and complex, Soundexhange to do so. Especially SoundExhange has made the process so expensive and complex that its almost out of reach for a low watt radio station like ours. $2000 would enable us to pay for a year, and deal with all the reporting and crazy complex licensing requirements to get our station online. Go Fund Me Link