New Website | That Midday Show
Hey everyone...thanks for checking out our new website. We are in the process of growing the site, and we are thrilled you have found your way here. However, there is not a whole lot going on. See that is the thing when you first build a new website, you don't have crap on it. Heck I am writing this, and I am not really saying much. With that said, we will begin posting whole shows for you to download, recaps of the shows, and many other great things. Heck we might even correspond with you if you want us to. So hang on as we grow into our digs. We can not thank WOZO enough for allowing us to be part of their new station, and we hope to serve the comedy fans of this town well. Well enough said for now. Aaron C. (you know the guy who hosts the show...or should I say That Show) P.S. If you do Wordpress development and want to contribute to improving our web experience...please sign up to help us out.