August 3, 2015 Recap | That Midday Show
The show has now made it to our second month on the air. We had a curious civilian walk into the studio for this show. Dickson Pepto? I didn't exactly catch the spelling of his name. He would join us at the top of the show along with Frank Callo, Chris Seaton, and Angel The Phone Girl. Dickson would stay for a few minutes and would run scared. We would learn about what some of the choices of the folks in the studio. Chris Seaton would talk about Sassy Ann's from the previous Friday. Chris would also update us about his Mother-In-Law departing. We also learned that Mrs. Seaton would be back to work, and neutering your pets. Chris would bring us a supercut of Traffic Stops Gone Stupid. You can check it out here. We would get our first hate call, from a "Harvard Educated Criminal Defense Attorney". However, we don't know who it is and as far as we know they could have been Caitlyn Jenner. Chris would break into "Headlines" after that. In the next segment we would be introudced