Yes, Certainly Mary Knew | The Crucified Life Ministries
The Angel Gabriel was sent by God to speak of great news to a divinely chosen virgin named Mary. Mary was not just any woman. She was a woman handpicked and highly favored by God who was to carry the infant Jesus Christ in her virgin womb supernaturally ushering in His birth in this world. This "spiritual nugget" was a significant piece of news which was delivered personally to Mary by an angel this day. Mary was single but spoken for by Joseph, they were formally engaged to be married. Mary had never been with a man and perhaps was alarmed at the news that she was with child and would give birth to a son who was to be called Jesus. Mary did not yet understand exactly how or why her womb had been divinely filled with this baby, through the supernatural power of God, rather than being conceived in natural fashion like all other babies born on this earth. Gabriel was an angel who was sent to bring both Mary and Joseph divine understanding of this supernatural event about to commence