Office 2010 deployment with language packs
Deploying desktops can take quite some time, however using Windows Deployment Services in combination with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010 update 1 automates it all. In this article I will get down and dirty with deploying Office 2010 Pro Plus with language packs using MDT. Start with copying the DVD/ISO to a separate folder. I choose to use the English version as the base, but you can use any language you want. Copy the contents of the Office Language Pack 2010 to the same folder. You will be presented with a couple of duplicate files and folders. You can accept the folders, but don't overwrite the current version of the files. You will end up with something like this. Step 2 is to import the whole Office 2010 application into Deployment Workbench. Right click Applications in your deployment share and select New Application Select the option Application with source files Enter the Application Name, Version and Language Select [...]