TouchPoint gets its inspiration from sustainability, good design driving recycling, and best service. We grow and evolve as the pioneer of work clothing industry. Bringing circular economy to the core of design and management of ecological materials has been an important step in the development of our collections and services. We will introduce a new leasing service concept by which we want to ensure sustainable recycling at theend of the product life cycle as well. Our goal by the year 2030 is to be the most responsible and innovative work clothing operator in the international market. However, we cannot bring about change on our own. We need partners with a shared holistic attitude towards promoting a circular economy. For example, over 6,000 employees of Hesburger wear timelessand durable work clothing, and they are about to receive a new “platinum level” collection. Each piece of clothing in this collection is manufactured from recycled materials. The raw materials for T-shirts (manufactured by Pure Waste), for example, come from cutting waste, and their manufacturing process saves approximately 8,200,000 litres of water! In […]