SMICE is a regional cooperation between Norway and Sweden within the EU InterReg program. The purpose is to contribute to a transition to the most sustainable society in Jämtland, Härjedalen and Trøndelag. The idea of cooperating arose from a shared desire to favour growth, sustainability and a good quality offlice across national boundaries. The project was prepared drawing inspiration for example from how sustainability issues are being dealt with in Cleveland, USA. SMICE consists of several project partners, universities, authorities and stakeholders within various segments, including Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan and Hushållningssällskapet Jämtland. The project partners and their respective contacts form the basis for a network through which the skills and expertise found in the region are illustrated, shared and developed. A small administration coordinates companies, private individuals and organisations that wish to get the network’s help in order to bring their sustainable ideas to fruition. SMICE offers coaching for developing ideas and concepts, […]