Arctus Metals
Aluminium is an important metal. It is produced in energy intensive smelters which emit annually at least100 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) worldwide when producing some 50 million tonnes. In September 2017 the R&D team of Arctus Metals Ltd. and Innovation Centre Iceland
successfully produced the first clean aluminium metal with oxygen (O2) emission in a bench top test cell with verticalinert anodes and cathodes. This was the result of several months’ work of preparation and development, in a project supported by the Technology Development Fund of Iceland. As no carbon anodes are used there is no emission of CO2, the effluent gas is O2. The main benefits of the game changing aluminium process are: Multiple, vertical inert metal-alloy anodes and ceramic cathodes No emission of CO2 or other greenhouse gases O2 instead of CO2, 1 tonne O2 is generated for each tonne aluminium produced 20 percent less energy consumption 60 percent less smelter space per tonne production capacity 40 percent less capital investment per tonne production capacity Better aluminium quality (99.9 percent vs 99.7 percent) […]