River trip part 4 - Rural Lifestyle
This update was supposed to be in 2 parts. The first part was supposed to be doing some maintenance to the boat, such as fixing some broken rivets. The second part was supposed to be taking the boat out on the river to make sure is running ok, and to to use a GPS to see how fast the boat can travel down the river. Well, the boat never made it to the river. The front of the boat has a deck that is held in place with rivets. Over the years of walking on the deck the rivets have slowly pulled lose or broken. Replacing the rivets Use a drill bit the size of the rivet, drill through the middle of the rivet, the head should come loose. Use a punch or drift pen to drive out the middle of the rivet. If the rivet does not want to drive out, use the drill to drill it out. Insert new rivet into the hole. Use a rivet gun to secure the rivet.